Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glass Blowing with Studio 1688

Hope every one is having a happy holiday season. I thought I would share something really cool I had the privilege to partake in this past week.
Glass Blowing and Flame Working
with Teresa White
This is Teresa and Sunny (a very dear friend, and the one who gifted the class to me)

Teresa teaches out of her glass studio at Hollywood and Broad in Midtown, be sure to go by her site and to check out Studio 1688. I was overjoyed to learn that i would be in the 2 day 10 hour classs. The amount of art you get to make yourself and take home is worth the tuition alone, not to mention all the knowledge and help you get during the process. I just wanted to plug a little bit for Teresa and show everyone how much fun we had.
Drawing Designs with glass onto glass... amazing!
Actually blowing the glass in the flame...this is how you make a hole.
Stretching, Pulling and Twisting....
Well this was just a little photo update and plug for some awesome local art. I'll be back later today with another crafting tutorial, so come on back a little later.

Happy Crafting,


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